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Let Trophy Taggers help you succeed


Lonnie Desseau

I have been fishing with pros for years.  Now I can get the pros to join my team, and when I take a fishing trip I can make money!

-Lonnie Desseau, Scout

Andy Bock

Hunting is my life so it was a natural thing for me to join Trophy Taggers.

-Andy Bock, 2011 Turkey Contest Winner

Collin Breunig

Being in High School didn't stop me from joining Trophy Taggers. I knew it was the opportunity of a lifetime when a friend introduced it to me.

-Collin Breunig, Scout


Jake Reese

2013 Spring Turkey Winner

Jake Reese

Kansas City, KS

On a windy overcast day Jay Fahrty from H.I.P.S. blinds proved me wrong and showed me that you can call Big Toms in with windy bad weather. In the afternoon, using his custom famous Miss Leigh Ann mouth call he called in three mature Toms. I shot the middle one, which was by far the biggest of the three, and the rest is history!

Dave Engal

2012 Big Buck Winner

Dave Engal

Des-Moines, IA

It was opening day in Iowa and I was sitting in my favorite blind in a large valley. I saw several does throughout the morning. At 3:30pm I glassed toward one that came in to see if a buck was following. Sure enough, there was an 8 point 30 yards away. Behind him a 2nd 8 point, bigger yet but still not one I'd take. Glancing around, yet another buck entered my view, this time a heavy 10 point. The beams came all the way around in front almost touching each other. The tines appeared long and even. Both G3's had 1 1/2 to 2 inch kickers, and a cluster of small points on the front left burr. I estimated it to be well into the 160's, maybe bigger.